Gwendolyn Davis-Yancey, Juris Doctor
Certified Goal Attainment, Empowerment & Success Coach
Michigan Top Lawyer

My approach to assisting you is multi-dimensional and “big picture”. Every legal decision that you make not only impacts you from a legal standpoint, but also from a business and life strategy standpoint. If you need a will or trust prepared, it has a long-term affect on your family. When you decide to start a business, the terms and conditions of your contracts can determine if your business is profitable. And of course, your family legacy is also determined by the strategies used in your estate planning. So when we discuss and consider legal, business & life strategies together, you are able to make “big picture” decisions that can benefit your family for generations to come.

I have used my extensive estate planning expertise to help families plan their futures and have negotiated millions of dollars in collective property settlements and contract negotiations for my clients.

My expertise spans from being a Friend of the Court Parenting Time Referee, a Law School Estates & Trusts Professor, Certified Master Life Coach & Mindshift Strategist and a Practicing Attorney since 1994.

As your attorney & strategist, my goal is to work closely with you to determine, strategize and accomplish your short and long-term goals, so I can put everything in place to outline the strategies for you and your legacy.

-Gwendolyn Davis-Yancey, J.D., CPC
Attorney, Law Professor & Mindshift Strategist

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